Connectors micros for violin on chinrests

Connectors for mics  on violin

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Connectors micros on chinrests
Double connectors for 2 microphones: (Stat V - SCO61-S)
on the chin-rests made by
Jacques Gay France
Double connector for mic Stat V on violin
Single connector for mic: STAT V
double connector on chinrest Jacques GAY
Double connectors for 2 mics :
Stat V - SCO61-S
Contact +33 (0)5 65 65 77 60

Connecteurs cable de sortie mentonnière ampli
Connectors cable out to amp /HF

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Double connectors for Stat V Schertler / DPA 4061

or single connector for micro Stat V
on chinrests made by Jacques GAY

The violinists needs to play comfortably on stage.
They really hate cable pulling on tail piece or moving on the violin during they play.
A violinist is fragile and very sensitive: he needs to be fully concentrated on its playing, and does'nt want to use energy to check, or take care of the cable, because they know the kind of disaster that can occur on their violin and on their performance !

The effects they don't want to suffer are:
___ The tail piece moving even a little (tuning change) or a lot training the bridge, during the performance when the cable is pulled too much for any reasons. During this accident the metal can strongly scratch the varnish below the tail piece
___ an other bad effect is when the mic is removed, it generally damages the varnish

Then, jazz violinists want to play their violin with absolute comfort and full security

For the best position, of course
For the protection of the violin:
As the clamp of Stat V Schertler on the tail piece is not really appreciated by many violinists, because they don't want varnish be damaged on their precious violin, many of them don't use it, even it is a very good mic ! (for instance Jean Luc Ponty regreat not to be able to use this excellent mic because of these risks on its violin - that's why the solution of Jacques Gay offers him fotunately the possibility to use Stat V)
For the view.
The violinists does'nt want neither clamps on the tailpiece, nor on the edges of the violin. They don't like it, we understand: we are the same !
The classical violinists or violinists playing both jazz / music needing mics and classical wants to play pure beautiful violin with nothing on it. That's why the solution not only secure but also very discreet suitable for them is the one of Jacques Gay.
Clamps: whatever they are on the edges or on the tail piece, they affect the sound or can affect it dangerously, mainly clamps on the edges.
For the protection of the varnish violin.
For preservation of the original violin making:
The mode 2 of vibration of the violin on the top is extremely concerned by what happens below the tail piece - it means, where the damage on the varnish (and also on the wood) can be done. In fact, the exact thickness on a good violin at this place is very important: it ensures the original integrity of the correct "phasing" between the top and the back and let the sound projecting easily.
To avoid the cable to be in contact with the surface of the violin that can often or almost all the time provide extraneous sounds that arise under the influence of the vibration of the violin top

 For these reasons

Jacques Gay who is also a good jazz violinist and classical, decided to install double connectors on the chinrest he made for jazz violinists in order to solve totally the problems described above which are feared by violinists.
His chinrests are handmade to measure, personalized by him
He has made chinrests for many very famous soloists classical and also for Grappelli, Ponty, Lockwood ...

Process / Use :
Easy & and reliable
Comfortable & secure
Perfect sound

___ Jacques Gay fixes double connectors under the chinrests .
As the chinrest doesn't move on the violin, the connection of the cable going to amplification or HF system is really secure . There is not at all sound parasites because the short cable joining mic to connector doesn't touch the table. It is barely applied on a sticky paste under the tail piece and enough to allow it to be easily removed or replaced
Then it is easy to remove the mic without any danger for the violin.
As the connector and the very little mic are discreet for the view as well for the sound, the violinists let the Stat V in the bridge.
___ About the sound: Stat V is very known mic that provide consistant sound and precise with no feedback.
Jacques Gay has proposed to add the very small and excellent microphone of DPA 4061 or the one used for cinema for it discreet size: SCO61 (new name: 4061 - OC - C -C00)
that provides silky sound and improve the richness of the global sound. It is not very much sensitive with feedback and very appreciated by famous violinist ( David Garrett) and many others violinists playing for wide audience.
The principle of use two mics is used by many good sound engineers

Here is below some pictures of chinrest mounted with connectors discreetly hidden below the chinrest
___ Support clamp on the chinrest
___ Double connector for Stat V
___ 2 double connectors fo Stat V & 4061
___ Double connector Stat V - Schoeps MK 22
( the MK 22 is very good but the jonction with the violin on the edge colors the sound of the violin, generally not in a good way, that's why we prefer the solution Stat V/ mini DPA)

The really efficient preamp "Yellow" 2 channels of Schertler allows to connect the two mics separately - sound functions are specially adapted to the violin - reliable function of mute is appreciated

Connector for mic STAT V on a chinrest of Jacques GAY
Connector for mic Stat V schertler on a chinrest of Jacques GAY
Connector for mic Stat V and DPA SCO61 on special chinrest made by Jacques GAY

Double connecteurs pour micros violon sur mentonniere Jacques Gay

Connecteur double pour Micros STAT V et  Dpa sur mentonnière Jacques GAY

Connector for 2 micros on chinrest

mentonniere jacques gay pour 2 micros: STAT V + Dpa
Connecteurs doubles pour micros Schertler et Dpa

mentonniere integrant 1 connecteur pour micro violon

connecteur pour micro violon sur mentonnière Jacques GAY

dos connecteur pour micro Violon sur mentonniere Jacques GAY
mentonnière jacques GAY avec connecteur STAT V SCHERTLER
connecteur micro STAT V - SCHERTLER sur mentonniere Jacques GAY
Connecteur sous mentonniere pour micro STAT V - Schertler

Connecteur pour micro STAT V standart sur mentonniere à pont Style HILL par Jacques GAYOther kind of mini microphone added to Stat V

Microphone mini and support medium height

Connector for mic STAT V on chinrest

Connector for Stat V on chinrest Jacques Gay

Connector for mic STAT V on chinrest made by Jacques Gay

Connector for mic Schertler Stat V on chinrest made by Jacques GAY

Connector for micro STAT V on chinrest

mentonniere et support de connecteurs pour micros

Jacques Gay will propose you the solution required depending of your chinrest - of your budget - of the material you want to use on stage

Every solutions is different for each violinist. It depends mainly of the position and also the placement of the cables at the right or the left of the chinrest
the best is to call or send an e-mail

+ 33 (0)5 65 65 77 60
+ 33 (0)6 22 10 05 21

About the sound of the mics

Stat V brings consistency, precision and speed of emission to the sound of the violin.
Its essential quality on stage is that of not producing feedback and therefore allowing you to play with a sufficient level of decibels so as not to be bothered by other instruments.

DPA 4061 brings silkiness to the sound, which is an important characteristic of the best violins.
Its significantly reduced feedback effect.
It allows it to be used alone in many conditions. However we strongly recommend the coexistence of 2 microphones for on-stage sound recording

3 solutions/connectors on chinrests

Clip system for Stat V:
The chinrest is equiped properly to clip the standart metallic clamp of the Schertler mic Stat V
The mic / clamp is removable easily
Microphone STAT V
Stat V Standart
__ cable normal ( lenght 4m) - Binder/ XLR
__ short cable > pocket HF - Binder/ TA4F

(or both cables provided)

2 Double connector system for Stat V:
The double connector is fixed on the chinrest

The mic is removable easily

__ cable normal ( lenght 4m) - Binder/ XLR
__ short cable > pocket HF - Binder/ TA4F

(or both cables provided)

3 Double connector system for 2 mics:
__ Stat V Schertler

4061-OC-C-C00 reference brown >mic and cable
(brown for violin is the most discreet, black is also available.
DPA 4061 brown Dpa 4061
Two double connectors are fixed on the chinrest.
The 2 mics are removable easily

There is 2 kinds of cables possible:

1 ___ One for two mics long ( more or less 4 meters) is equiped with 2 cables joined ( souple) going to amp / mixer / preamp YELLOW 2 channels /or else.
Connectors: Binder (on the chinrest) / XLR

2 __ One cable normal lenght : Binder/ XLR
+ one short cable Binder/ TA4F going to pocket HF

Choose your solution : 1 - 2 - 3 & options

About XLR:
The cables are equiped with normal XLR

(It can also be equiped with an XLR DPA preamp connected by "mini dot", but it is much more expensive and only useful for the violonists who have not external preamp)
> see photos below: (micro dot is golden)

Connecteurs BINDER - TA4F pour cable violon
Cable for HF System
Binder/ TA4F for Shure HF

Connectors LEMO 3 & mini Jack 3,5mm screw

Options out to HF pocket system
LEMO 3 > for Seinheiser HF ( photo left)
Mini jack 3,5mm screw > for AKG... ( photo right)

connecto XLR mini Dot of DPA

XLR male with micro dot DPA
XLR female if necessary prolongation of cable

cables pour connecteurs de micros violon

5 cables with binder connection on the chinrest

___ Double cable in one: 5 m - XLR / XLR
___ Double cable in one: 5 m - XLR / Jack
( for use of YELLOW BLENDER look below )
___ single cable for HF system Shure
___ single cable for Stat V
___ single cable : 5 m - XLR

Pream SCHERTLER YELLOW two channels
Preamp Schertler "YELLOW" 2 channels
Perfect preamp to mix two signals: Stat V - 4061
__ Components class A
__ Effect send return ajustable separately
__ IN > Jack 1/4 inch for Stat V - XLR for 4061
Channel Instrument > STAT V
Channel Microphone > DPA 4061

IMPORTANT: You need to insert an adapter 3/5 volts into the imput microphone.
We provide this adapter inserted in the XLR connector.
Then, the use of this adapter allow you to push the Phantom button.
The 4061 works only with adapter 3/5 volts + button Phantom 48 volts pushed.
You can see the chipset inserted in the XLR

... and mounted in the double cable used for YELLOW BLENDER preamp > 2 kinds of connectors:
__ XLR for 4061
__ JACK for STAT V Schertler

If you don't use this adapter, you will damage seriously, or destroy the 4061 that doesn't support 48 volts.

Regardless of the model of Schertler preamplifier you use (Blender or Single)
or another device that has phantom power,
you must always use a 48V to 3/5V adapter to use the DPA 4061 microphone.

Mixer SCHERTLER Prime 5
Preamp Schertler "Prime 5 "
5 channels to mix two signals: Stat V - 4061 and other instruments

mixer Schertler Prime 5

So that you can understand how the connectors / double connectors works installed on the chinrests,
look at the photos above

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Double connectors for 2 microphones: (Stat V - SCO61-S)
on the chin-rests made by
Jacques Gay France
Double connector for mic Stat V on violin
Contact +33 (0)5 65 65 77 60

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